Every Christmas we all get out certain titles to reread and share with new generations. It is interesting to learn what books everyone considers classics for their family. This year I decided to ask each of our staff members what they love to read at Christmas and the range of titles is amazing. The one book mentioned by four different staff members (Me, Claudia, Diane, and Haley) was A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.


Laurie is an artist, wonderful in her abilities to create beautiful cards, pictures, and much more. She always pulls out five Christmas titles:

Over the River and Through the Woods–she loves this one for its artistry.

12 Days of Christmas Cookbook–her book is from the 70s, but she made the recipes contained within its pages. Her version may not be available, but there is a 12 Days of Christmas Cookbook released in 2018 that is similar.

Next on Laurie’s list is¬†Robert Frost’s Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening.

A classic picture book filled with poetry most consider Frost’s best work.

Deck the Halls with Norman Rockwell prints is a must for Laurie.

Last on her list, Twas the Night Before Christmas. There are many versions of this title and Laurie prefers one published a few years ago. Sadly, it is not available new.


Claudia is another artist, a performing artist, who spent years playing the viola. We are lucky to have a reader and music lover. It may not surprise you to learn The Nutcracker is top of her list. As a beautiful ballet with meaningful music, the book is also highly inspiring.

This beautiful cover is faux leather and produced by Canterbury Classics. The entire line of classics in this format would make any library shelf complete. Of course, there are so many versions of Dickens’¬†A Christmas Carol that you can choose from including the young adult graphic novel or young reader classic. We have at least two versions in stock for those who want to share this moral filled tale with new generations.

Claudia also loves Stories Behind the Great Traditions of Christmas.

The last book on Claudia’s must reads is Stories Behind the Best Loved Songs of Christmas.


Ann gave me one title to mention. It is a favorite with her two sons, The Sweet Smell of Christmas.

Staci and Kevin

Our new owners have some favorite Christmas titles; especially, with their two young boys.

Top on the list is Top Elf by Caleb Zane Huett.

It is hardly Christmas without mentioning that green character with a small heart and a mean disposition who learns to love Christmas. Staci’s other two favorites are How the Grinch Stole Christmas and The Grinch’s Great Big Flap Book.


Haley loves Round About the Christmas Tree. As our youngest staff member, Haley is an asset who can truly help you when you need to find a book whether it is about music, fiction, or even mystery.


Christmas titles cannot be mentioned if another classic doesn’t make the list. Pam, who is going to spend more time with her grandchild rather than help us at the store, absolutely loves Polar Express. We have to thank Pam for her inspiring windows, including the amazing Christmas displays she has always created.


Diane, our resident librarian and book lover, is another fan of A Christmas Carol. Her second book on the list is one that is probably the most important in teaching morals and the importance of giving-

The Gift of the Magi In a time when we seem to focus on materialistic concepts and ourselves more than others, the story of the Magi helps us bring back those moments where love and sacrifice matter more than anything else.


Two of my favorite Christmas reads have already been mentioned, including The Gift of the Magi. However, both of those classics do not hold the #1 spot in my heart. Instead, it is a little known book that my mom picked up and read to us each Christmas. It teaches us about other people who may not have as much, but they always have each other. My favorite title shows how orphaned children when given love and care can learn what Christmas is all about. Anytime I mention this title no one seems to remember it or have heard of it, which is a great loss.

Without further ado, my top favorite Christmas read is The Best Christmas Pagaent Ever by Barbara Robinson.

The Herdmans are abandoned children, who at the beginning are the “worst kids in the world.” They learn through love and kindness, and a bit of hilarity how to be respectful, wonderful children.

Thank you for reading our post. Please contribute your most loved Christmas titles because we would love to know what our readers enjoy. There are so many traditions and they all matter.

Happy Holidays from the Macdonald Book Shop Staff!


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