Macdonald Book Shop and Creativity Cabin have paired up for this holiday season to help you find the perfect gift. We provide a book and Creativity Cabin offers a pottery kit. You can visit Creativity Cabin’s Facebook page for ideas. They offer a range of figurines, ornaments, and more to paint. At Macdonald Book Shop we have 4 choices in kits: Narwahl, Tree, Penguin, and Reindeer. If you call 970-591-2559, you can set an appointment to see what Creativity Cabin has for other kit ideas.

All kits come in a gift bag, with the choice of item, paint, and brush. Those with acrylic paint do not need to be fired but they are not food safe. Items that have a glaze and need time in the kiln are food safe.

When you choose one of the gift bags, Macdonald Book Shop staff will help you find a book to match. We have a range of Christmas tales and other books that make wonderful gifts.

Stop by today to see the gift bags and book choices.

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