Agatha Christie is certainly considered the Grande Dame of Murder Mystery. Her books have sold millions, which is why we are celebrating her birth month, January, with many of her titles in stock, plus the new historical fiction about her disappearance.

Mrs. Christie by Marie Benedict takes Christie’s disappearance and amnesia true tale and spins a supposition on where Agatha might have gone for those days she was missing.

In true Benedict style, you get an alternative theory laced with as many facts about the real disappearance as can be found.

Come check out the titles we have in stock, celebrate the greatest female mystery writer of her time, and see what Benedict has to say a century later about the Grande Dame and her life mystery!

Some of her best books are in stock, including And Then There Were None, the true title of her amazing mystery about a group of people meeting on a secluded island and ending up murdered.


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