Abraham Lincoln’s assassination is often the focal point of his presidency, but for those who absolutely enjoy reading history, there is always more to the story. Abe Lincoln started out as a lawyer, who entered politics, struggled, and left politics for nearly a decade. His two years in the House of Representatives, according to the author of Lincoln’s Mentors were very uninspiring. Lincoln, based on research, felt his time was a failure.

But, in 1860 he gained the presidency and made one of the most important speeches in American history. If you want to learn how he came back after what the author calls a “failure” in the House of Representatives, then you should read Lincoln’s Mentors. This book will discuss what turned Lincoln back towards politics, the mentors who helped him, and show you there is more to the story than what we typically focus on.

Henry Clay, Andrew Jackson, Zachary Taylor, John Todd Stuart, and Orville Browning all had an impact on Lincoln and his decisions, particularly to re-enter politics.


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