Estes Park will see overnight temperatures below zero for Valentine’s and President’s Day Weekend. I am already thinking of a way to stay indoors and keep warm. Those thoughts usually end with spending hours reading a great book that is impossible to put down. Sadly, it doesn’t always work out. I have several in my need to “finish” pile including the nominated Reading the West titles for Young Adults.

Top of my list is Cries from the Lost Island by Kathleen Gear. Although sold as an adult book, the author believes it fits best with young adult readers and I cannot disagree. It is a mystery with teenagers centered on Egyptian history, particularly during Cleopatra’s reign. A modern tale bringing historical elements into the mystery is definitely top of my list. I realize I am a reader of history, anthropology, and forensics often wrapped in mystery or fantasy, but I know there are plenty of readers just like me who enjoy a good fiction mystery.

Also on my to-finish-list is Deadly Education by Naomi Novik. If you love Harry Potter, then you will love Deadly Education. It is set at a school of magic. The difference–there is a female lead and she is self-deprecating, humorous, and determined to be a loner in the face of the school’s “star” wizard. “I decided that Orion needed to die after the second time he saved my life,” is the opening line of Novik’s novel. Our heroine goes on to explain why this supposed “hero” has to die in her opinion and why she prefers to ignore the school, which could kill her at any moment due to its magic.

If you are looking for suggestions, check out these titles:

Deacon King Kong by James Mcbride: Mcbride is a national book award winner and he uses humor to explore reality. A literary novel, it discusses some very important lessons about our world today. A combination of Latinx, African American, and White perspectives, the story deals with a shooting conducted by a deacon against a drug dealer in Brooklyn.

Terry Goodkind series: Children of Dhara series, books 2 through 4 are in stock as hardcovers. A fantasy series, it is a continuation of characters from the Sword of Truth series. Anyone who enjoys fantasy and knows Goodkind’s writting will enjoy the series.



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